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CEO & стратегический планер & управляющий партнер, D/V/S/ON, ЭСТОНИЯ

It was in the closing years of the Soviet occupation of Estonia when Urmas took his first step into the world of creative industry by founding his first design studio.

Since then, the tides of change have always carried Urmas to new challenges presented by the rapid growth of his country.

He is a jack of all trades in the Estonian creative industry, creating agencies, ad campaigns, brands, adtech startups like NEXD.com and creative agencies like Division, to where he still contributes to as a strategist and a mentor.

During this period, he has worked with almost every major brand in Estonia, including the rebranding of Estonian Air, Eesti Post, Eesti Energia and Estonian Telecom.

Nowadays, Urmas is looking to push Estonia's reputation as an e-country even further by pursuing novel UX/UI design challenges in the digital golden age.

He has been an active member of the Estonian Advertising Association and is often found as a jury member in numerous Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian advertising festivals.