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Креативный директор, Redberry, ГРУЗИЯ

Tokareshka a.k.a Toka Areshidze is Creative Director from Tbilisi. He enjoys crafting ideas, bringing them to life in the most efficient way.

His advertising carrier started in Leavingstone. That was great ad lab experience where Toka was able to work and experiment with copywriting to video editing and art direction, finally finding himself as a Creative Director of a small at a time advertising agency – Redberry, company that continues it’s growth together with him up until this day.

During the journey he managed to collect more than 100 international awards including 1x Cannes Lions, 2x Eurobest and dozens of Ad Black Sea awards.

Tokareshka has a nuclear family: lovely wife “Maro”, 10 year old minecraft master daughter “Nutsa”, Sphynx cat ‘Sekhmet” and little Yorkshire Terrier dog with no name.