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KFC Button: one push to crush the hunger

Рекламируемый продукт

KFC combo for gamers


Sometimes players are submerged in the gaming process so deep, they don’t have an option to get a break. At the same time hunger gets closer and prevents them from being focused on the game and winning. This is especially the case when you are playing inside gaming arenas where you don’t have options to order a snack online or get it from the local kitchen. To help gamers stay satiated and concentrated, we installed special red buttons by means of which guests could order special gaming meals from each of 120 gaming tables in Winstrike Arena. The set of KFC products was chosen by gamers’ votes in social media. The arena audience quickly turned onto that new service and made more than 9000 orders in 3 months. More than 30 000 guests per month got an opportunity to outplay the hunger having a KFC meal via red button. On top of that 500+ players took part in KFC hungry Cups, specially organized in campaign period.


KFC: Daniel Rubinowski, Yum! Restaurants International Russia & CIS Marketing Director Winstrike Agency: Lina Komkova, CEO Fedor Fetisov, Creative & Strategy Head Anton Strodt, Commercial Director Ekaterina Bukina, Account Manager