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Homeless stay-at-home

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charity project


Everything has to be locked down due to the virus. But what if you can’t stay in because you don’t have a home to go to. If you’re literally homeless? But finding shelter isn’t the only issue homeless people are facing during the crisis. With the majority of shops closed some people don't know where to find food or even wash their hands. Agency came up with the idea of solo street musical marathon #listenathome #слухайвдома for those who have no home. A marathon to raise the awareness of the problem and raise money to help homeless people to get their daily meals, face masks and hand sanitizers. And that is the commercial to promote it. The spot was created with the real footage of locked down Kyiv during COVID-19 and actual photos of homeless people. And to make it more touching agency used a famous song about having no home: Alone in canoe - I don’t have home.


Creative Director: Eugene Ivasyuk Art-director: Pavlo Melnyk-Krysachenko Managing Director: Volodymyr Zborovsky Event Director: Uliana Antypenko