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Gold farming for the real driving

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Toyota RAV4


A while back Toyota kicked off PUSH THE LIMIT strategy focused on the audience renewal. to improve conservative brand image. For that purpose the company had jumped into the fast growing industries, thereby Toyota became the first automotive brand in the russian esports. To make it happen the project relied on unique mechanics integrated in Dota 2 – the most popular discipline in the country. In cooperation with a famous russian esports team we created a special gold counter and gave the audience a reason to follow the team’s matches closer. All spectators could win a real Toyota RAV4 making only one right prediction — how many official matches Winstrike Team have to play to farm the gold equalled to the crossover price. The customized section on PUSH THE LIMIT website showed users team earnings during the game. To secure the audience involvement we used native in-game integrations and RAV4 video reviews made by team players. The project made a buzz in esports community and reached more than 22 million gamers. Furthermore, 40000 users took part in the prediction game. Regarding the results, brand perception metrics such as «technologically advanced» increased by 11.5 % & «youthful» by +21% and RAV4 search queries were up by +14%.


Toyota Motor: Екатерина Хорина, Юлия Лобойко, Наталья Астафьева, Полина Клевцова, Евгения Ларина. Winstrike Agency: Лина Комкова, Антон Стродт, Федор Фетисов, Юлия Оводкова, Юлия Рудакова, Ирина Русакова