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Easiness of transactions with Mastercard (Waiting)

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Money transfer service Mastercard


“Easiness of transactions with Mastercard” is a large-scale project that combines content part with participation of “Ivanov-Ivanov” series heroes, competition with the main prize - a visit to the shooting set of the new season, and noticeable media support. While filming this commercial, Mastercard brought together two Ivanov families under the roof of their mansion and gave fans some more pleasant moments with the heroes of their favorite series, because each of the videos was a full-fledged scene in the style of the Ivanov-Ivanov series with a touch of intelligent humor, an unexpected plot twist and high quality "picture". We shot five videos with the heroes of the Ivanov-Ivanov series, where heroes in a light form and with humor demonstrated the way they use money transfer service in everyday situations. The video channel played a key role in the split of activities: we placed sponsorship spots on STS channel in content relevant to our audience, and placed videos in OLV with various targeting, including targeting on those who already use money transfer services. The split was amplified by a banner campaign and placement in context. In banner communication, we divided the audience into segments according to situations where money transfer services may be useful – and targeted these segments with custom creatives. The contest mechanics fueled the audience interest and forced them to compete for the main prize - the opportunity to visit the shooting set of the new season of the series and see the actors in the real live! The campaign allowed us to build knowledge about the advertised service and positively influenced the brand’s image characteristics. Large-scale media support provided 226.5 million user’s contacts with campaign materials; Mastercard video content gained 48.8 million views. Measuring the knowledge of the campaign showed that 27% of the target audience are familiar with the Mastercard money transfer services. According to the results of the campaign, 482 thousand leads came to the landing page, the frequency of services usage increased by 10 percentage points; in addition, the campaign affected the overall brand performance. The success of the “Easiness of transactions with Mastercard” campaign has become important within the long-term brand strategy. The campaign allowed to avoid standard communication of the promotional offer and actually created additional value for the user. The content chosen for communication formed a positive perception and brand loyalty.


Mastercard: Svetlana Voloshenko, Marketing director Julia Ivanova, Director, Area marketing Ivan Kulikov, Media manager Carat: Dmitriy Byrkin, Group account director Natalia Orlova, Senior Media Planner Evgeniya Kuzmina, Media Planning Group Head The Story Lab: Elena Gumirova, Special projects Group Head