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Curtis tea in pyramids


How to achieve the historical sales growth, awareness and market share of Curtis tea for the first time in 9 years? Curtis brand isn’t a market leader. The brand has been occupied a modest niche in the market of 3,4%(from January 2019 to September 2019). The fluctuations in sales from +/- 0,1% to 0,2% have been staying the same for several years The overall drop in the tea market is also not very good for the brand: 2018 vs 2019 the decrease has been by 4.7% in real terms and by 2.4% in monetary terms. Other categories in the beverage segment take share of 45% in 2019 in popular tea consumption situations. Young consumers are very sensitive to the promotional and price pressure. The share of promotional sales (in kg.) had increased from 58% in December 2018 to 63% in December 2019, and the weighted average of the discount depth had been 31%. At the same time, the audience doesn’t know the brand - spontaneous knowledge of Curtis is only 9%, and for this category the influence of knowledge on sales is very significant. Despite the fall of the category it was important for us to increase sales by building knowledge, to change the perception of Curtis (taste drink) involving the audience in communication that is relevant to their interests. It was necessary to work with loyalty, initiate a trial purchase to reverse the trend towards promotional dependance. Target audience: a unique young audience, that is constantly in search of new emotions. Food and drinks for them have become just as much fun as music, movies and content in general. 18-35 y.o.: young modern girls focused on independent life. We have noticed that young audience was less likely to drink classic black and green tea. Girls prefer flavoured drinks with additives, herbal teas and berries and fruit juices, smoothies etc. M'Index2019/first half of the year-Russian12+(Zodiac). That is proved by the RUSSIA-ANALYSIS_Country Report 2019 by Euromonitor_International, which tells us, that the young audience is seeking for emotions in drinks due to their taste characteristics. No matter how delicious our tea is, it still remains tea in the consumers eyes. That’s why we had to go as far away from competitors’ communication as possible by making our tea advertising as “non-tea” to the limit, shift to the emotional level of communication and fix the dessert and taste component of the drink. We have used several visual trends and a bit of provocation for TV. To do this we have turned the game over: first we developed communication for Instagram and then adapted it for a TV video. We also have used a personalized communication approach on Instagram, converted the reach bloggers’ posts into collecting CRM databases and real sales, and turned the advertising campaign for the user into a game without a game as such. Idea: We have showed how the imagination of a person reacts on a taste. Boost your imagination! With this CTA we have gone to Instagram. And on TV we have launched an informal video, that has reinforced knowledge that Curtis tea taste excites the imagination! We have created a single visual concept and based on it 4 visual identifications for each key SKU. Each visual has been called to strengthen the taste component of its product. We have implemented all this into the content of top Instagram bloggers, assigning to each blogger a specific visual. In posts bloggers have been reflecting about the imagination, the influence of taste on it and positive emotions. They have invited users to share posts in their stories with the mention of Curtis Instagram account, so they could open up even more fantasy content - boost their imagination and win juicy prizes. In response to this action, our moderators has triggered personal communication with users on Instagram Direct messages. They had been sending a link to the contest with the condition of purchase and #boostimagination, with which the bright posts of others bloggers were posted. Our unique invented mechanic has allowed us to convert reach of bloggers posts into real sales, engage users in a simple game and increase the reach of the campaign due to virality. The choice of this communication channel was justified by the opportunity to get more reach of the target audience and high users loyalty to bloggers. To ensure a cumulative effect, in parallel with Instagram, we have launched a TV campaign. We have decided to stand out among the standard broadcast and created content more like a digital video than TV commercials. They have been implemented in the concept of Instagram content. Tactical results: Coverage of TV commercial, woman 25-45. TRP plan: 1 896. Frequency 3 +,%: 60%. Coverage 5,000,000 Fact: TRP 2323, 76%, frequency 3+, coverage 6,000,000 Overfulfillment: + 20% Mediascope, Russia 2019, Cities 100+ Reach of bloggers: plan 15,000,000 - a tool to increase recognition, loyalty and involvement in the competition with registration of checks (Trial trial purchases); (statistics of bloggers) Fact: 23,753,015 (including 2.2 million viral) Overfulfillment: + 58.3% Trial: Plan: check registration: 10,000 (promo.curtistea.com) Fact: 12,884 Overfulfillment: + 28% Collecting a CRM database (e-mail): plan 25 000 (curtis.promo) Fact: 32,275 quality emails Overfulfillment: + 29% Number of followers growth of @curtis_ru from 1,500 to 25,000 (Instagram) Fact: 32,600 (net growth, taking into account unsubscriptions) Overfulfillment: + 30% Strategic results: We have achieved historical growth over past 9 years in terms of marketing and commercial indicators: market share December 2019 4.53% vs August 2019 - 3.5% off-take (product withdrawal at points of sale): December 2019 - 2.6 pp vs August 2019 - 1.7 pp., November vs December 2019 + 24.3% (2 times the market: +12.2 %) spontaneous knowledge: December 2019 - 12% vs February 2019 - 9% prompted knowledge: December 2019 - 62% vs February 2019 - 55% spontaneous knowledge: December 2019 vs 2018 - 33% (+3 pp) induced knowledge: December 2019 vs 2018 - 13% (+7 p.p.) Nielsen Retail Audit. The dynamics of the tea market. Full review. 2019


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