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NARACH artesian water

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Naroch Drinks Company turned to DDH Branding Consultancy to create an iconic bottle and label design that perfectly reflected the brand’s core values. Narach Mineral water goes back to its natural essence, the Narach lake. Iconic and pure, without fuss, elegant yet accessible. Narach is one of the leading artesian mineral water brands in Belarus, from the biggest lake and a unique natural resort. Its brand presence covers mainly major cities in the country, yet we were set on creating a visual identity that amplified its natural side. The end result is a new visual identity connecting nature with an urban lifestyle. To emphasize this, we introduced anew bottle shape suitable for both carbonated and still water. We uncluttered the label design and introduced an iconic brand shape, symbolising the purity of water. A pure design solution for the purest water. http://www.vadanarach.by