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Mayeri All-Care packages

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Mayeri All-Care cleaning products


The cleaning products industry is highly competitive, price sensitive and extremely saturated for the customers. Mayeri was on the market with its packaging for over 15 years and was now ready to fly higher, farther and brighter than ever before. Due to the market situation and the need for an update, the Mayer All-Care product line was rebranded with a minimalist yet a little Scandinavian inspired, fresh, clean coloured and natural patterned packaging design. Clover leaves, juicy rhubarb, fresh olives in an ideal symbiosis with the purest ingredients. Take a look and enjoy the freshest of fresh scents in your home.


Client: Mayeri: Division Art director: Annika Saar Copywriter: Kerttu Keermaa Project manager: Helen Soomets, Aigi Sool