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"Living Art Deco" creative concept for the style of ILE DE BEAUTE

Advertised product

Creative concept for the brand style


Task: to develop a new visual style of the brand.
 - increase loyalty and motivation of current customers to buy, 
- attract new customers, 
- increase interest in the discount program.

 Everyone is waiting for a change to come, but it is already here. Resolve, abstract art, bright colors and contrast, bold prints and innovative graphic solutions make the current basis of visual trends in fashion & beauty industry of world’s leading brands. 
For the new visual style of ILE DE BEAUTE brand, Art Deco style was chosen – this style was born during the 1920s in Paris, in the capital of fashion, beauty and latest art trends.

 The “Living Art Deco” concept gives the brand an opportunity to use a new and fresh approach to cosy up to its audience, to find common language with its audience, to be bold and vibrant. This gives inspiration, catches attention and turns the brand into an object of desire.


2sharp team: 
Anton Bondarenko – art director
 Daria Kalenchuk – designer
 Olga Maslennikova – Account Manager 
Natalya Zueva – Account Director 

ILE DE BEAUTE team: Baranov Alexander – designer
 Ryzhkova Maria – senior designer
 Mokhovikova Olesya – head of the department for network and trade marketing