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Office-Museum of modern art

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Office design for a Chinese developer


The ideas of the future are the unstoppable force that penetrates everywhere and like a virus infects everyone who faces it. Ideas of the future transform the past, deconstruct history and design new forms from the classical substrate. The concept “The Virus of the Future” has become the basis for creating the design project of office space for one of the largest Chinese developer, who is implementing its first project in Russia. This project implies the rethinking of heritage site in the heart of Moscow. Therefore, we reflect the same innovative approach in designing the concept of the company’s office. While others fear the virus from China, we have made it the source of inspiration. The office space is 1400 sq.m., it looks like a museum of modern art in the old building with its unusual combination of traditions and ultra-modernity. Everything here is designed to arouse the creative thoughts of employees and their ability to be the visionaries. «The Virus of the Future» inspires with out-of-the-box ideas. Instead of classic navigation signage we use art objects and acoustic panels resembling paintings by the world-renowned avant-garde artists. The co-creative space replaces an ordinary office kitchen. Thus, the environment performs both the utilitarian and the emotional function. The avant-garde view is balanced by the respect for the сlassics here. Also, the symmetry goes side by side to the experiments on the perception of space. It is a comfortable and at the same time creative environment where people could be in contact all the time and work on projects together. Architectural accents, stylized porticos, pilasters and sculptures are the references to the history heritage. Moreover, design concept contains symbols of the “future” such as infographics, volumetric typical elements on the walls with key project figures, glass and concrete, lighting boards and stylized art objects made of wire. The contrast between white and red is the line of «virus» penetration. It divides the explored area of the present times and the area of an unknown future, where our minds are directed to. Wherever it is, appearing anomalies and strangeness are breaking the way of looking at ordinary things. Ambitious design project of the office space symbolizes not only progressive approach to the interior, but also to the reconstruction of the heritage site implemented by the Chinese developer.