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Charlie Collar - fashionable rehab

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Dog recovery collars Charlie Care


The Finnish company Charlie Care is a team of scientists from Turku University that designs and produces postoperative care goods for pets. The newest invention of this team is a textile collar for dogs that intends to replace traditional collar from transparent plastic. It is not just a useful device, but also a fashion accessory designed as a work of art. We have created a special graphic style and branded patterns inspired by the harmony between man and nature so inherent in the Finnish culture. This created a basis for the collar design and brand identity. Rehabilitation collar has become more than a medical necessity but a fashion brand that reveals the owner’s personality. Moreover, Charlie Care team has invented an ecological package for collars from recycled materials that is simple to produce and easy to use by both veterinary clinics and individual customers. These canvas bags with zippers extend the idea of a fashion accessory, and the picture on its side determines what kind of collar is hidden inside. Thus, we did not only improve the lives of pets and their owners, but also created a unique product concept for rehabilitation, revealing this product from an unexpected perspective.