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How the mineral became the brand

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Russian Mining Chemical Company (RMCC) mines brucite, magnesium-rich mineral. The company is constantly finding new ways to use brucite in Russian and global markets. Innovative products of RMCC are widely used in many industries, from metallurgy to agriculture. The company created an independent brand every time entering on a new market. The situation was that managing the portfolio of 12 brands was no longer effective. In fact, the company was a global player, but seemed as a local one. Solution: New name Brucite+ was invented instead of the hard abbreviation RGHO. New name assigned the main attribute of the category (brucite mineral) to itself. One unifying brand with polymorphic identity was created instead of 12 different brands, the image of brucite mineral and geodesic lines was used for this. Results: Synergy, globality and efficiency of portfolio management of Brucite+. Less effort on ineffective spontaneous marketing – more on innovation, research and development.