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Angry Coach

Advertised product

Angry Coach, a new activewear and accessories brand


Target audience Regular gym-goers. Big idea Working out with a fitness coach will give you the best results. However, for some of us, this may not be a realistic option. Wouldn’t it be just great if we had someone or something to motivate us during the workout, if the fitness coach is not there to encourage us? Solution We developed an activewear line to ensure that you have a more comfortable and a more effective workout. Each item is like a no-nonsense personal trainer who will push you harder when you are about to give up, and make you move from making excuses to making progress. You’ve done two more reps, you’ve increased your running mileage by another 700 meters, you haven’t skipped the gym – say a big thanks to yourself, your motivation and your Angry Coach. The package was yet another design concept. The T-shirts, sweatshirts, wristbands and towels come in sports nutrition PET jars and protein shake tubs. After all, just as sports nutrition products do, our brand helps people reach new heights in their training.


Creative director Vladimir Fedoseev Art director Arina Yushkevich Designer Ivan Petrov