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Creative Partner at A Equipa, PORTUGAL

After more than 30 years of professional experience in creativity, his strengths lie on the efficient and particular management of people and ideas.

His journey began in São Paulo, where he completed his studies in Marketing and Communication; followed by a BA with distinction in Graphic Design at the San Francisco Academy of Arts complemented by an internship at the Esprit de Corp graphic design department. At that time, the Mac Classic was not yet a classic.

In 1988 discovered Portugal as the ideal place to live and grow as a professional, a view that he still subscribes. Here he had the opportunity to create and manage numerous national and international brands, working at Criatiza, Massa Cinzenta, Novodesign, Central de Comunicação and Brandia Central. His ability to detect talents allowed him to manage, help develop and work with many of the best professionals in the country.

Besides being a regular collaborator for a variety of magazines and other publications, he also acts as a guest teacher, speaker and workshop leader at schools, institutions and events related with the creative business.

He headed the Art Directors Club of Portugal (CCP) for 12 years, and joined the board of the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE), contacting and evaluating the work of hundreds of European professionals in this area.

After all that, founding and leading A EQUIPA, a branding-oriented company with a modular and adaptable structure for every and each challenge, seemed to him a recipe for success. And he loves to cook.