White Square | Белый Квадрат




Contest program of White Square will keep its previous balance of contests and nominations. However, it includes a number of updates corresponding to current industrial trends, relevant requests of global communications, taking into account the tendencies of Eastern European market.

Entries will still be submitted into seven categories: Creativity, Branding, Marketing, Creative Effectiveness, Digital, Media, Change for Good – contest of creative socially-oriented projects which this year gained a new sounding following increasing actualization of social and environmental problems going on worldwide.

Taking into consideration dynamic transformation of communications market and growing amount of information, when it is getting increasingly difficult to attract consumer’s attention, a number of nominations of the festival put more emphasis on the use of innovative technologies in online advertising, as well as innovative original approaches to traditional types of advertising. Since this year, next to already existing Innovations contest, White Square launched nominations Innovation in Print, Innovation in Radio & Audio, Innovation in Outdoor. Digital contest was added with such nominations as Advanced Learning Technologies, Activation by location / Voice activation, New realities / 360º, Native advertising.

Due to growing boom of social media several contests like Integrated, PR, Digital campaigns have included special Social & Influencer nominations; Design, Mobile and Creative Data contests were added with Social Media Design, Social Content and Social Data & Insight nominations.

In according to international trends Marketing and Media categories will have more concrete criteria of evaluation of entries containing particular percentage for creativity, execution and results.           

In Branding category, in particular in Communication Design contest, nominations have been unified and grouped according to the purposes of design projects. For the first time this year, Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand, Promotional Printed Materials, Promotional Item Design nominations were launched, with a number of previous years narrow nominations inclusive.

Following global trends, White Square nominations were added with Creative Strategy nomination, which became part of Integrated contest and aims to demonstrate the contribution of innovative creative strategic planning into business development, and Design-Driven Effectiveness nomination, which became part of Communication Design contest and aims to show measurable, tangible results of design and branding projects.     

A number of earlier existing contests and nominations got more modern sounding, retaining their previous contents in terms of entries eligible to participate: Brand Experience & Activation (formerly Promo & Activation), Breakthrough on a Budget (formerly Low budget project) etc.

Detailed information about the list of nominations of each of the contest, their descriptions and technical requirements to uploaded entries is provided on CONTESTS page.

All jury sessions will be held offline in Minsk on the eve of the festival – April 14. Grand Prix will be chosen by Grand Jury during one of the festival days.

Judging at White Square is based on Regulation of jury work that defines the mechanics of evaluation of entries. The main criteria are originality, innovativeness of idea and the quality of its implementation.

Shortlists of XI White Square will be announced on the website on the first day of the festival – April 15. Prize-winners – at Awards Gala on April 17.

With all the questions connected to entry submission please turn to Directorate of the festival via konkurs@adfest.by or via phones in Minsk +375 17 204 42 27, +375 17 204 41 17, +375 17 204 17 99, +375 17 204 18 99.