White Square | Белый Квадрат




The demand for big ideas in brand communications becomes more and more relevant. Creativity turns into powerful engine for business to move forward. But creation of strong creative ideas requires inspiration, and that’s for the festivals exist in the industry. Good news! The nearest opportunity to get charged with professional drive and excitement is already very soon – at White Square!

Entries are easy to submit online. What needs to be done is to choose suitable contests and nominations for your entries – there are seven categories at White Square: CREATIVITY, BRANDING, MARKETING, DIGITAL, CREATIVE EFFECTIVENESS, MEDIA, CHANGE FOR GOOD; and after several basic stages of registration are completed – to upload your entries.

If you are still looking for some concrete reasons to enter – here are they.

Creative awards help to stand out on competitive market 

In life-changing times like this no one is afforded to keep silence. That of an utmost importance for agencies to demonstrate their creative potential, promote their capability to react on new challenges and solve complicated business tasks.

Creative competitions charge creative teams with inspiration and enthusiasm 

Festivals with their spirit of professional drive and passion, with lots of excellent cases from different countries make advertisers work even harder and motivate them to create greater and greater projects. Festival awards have always turned agencies into successful and well-known agencies, formed the value of their services, attracting new clients and new talents.

Creative works get a chance to be honored with high level professional recognition  

White Square jury are six international teams of famous ad men from all around the world with tones of prestigious metals under their belts and experience of judging of world’s most remarkable creative awards shows.

Prize winning entrants can get some extra fame in international media  

Prize winners of White Square are annually published on over 30 industrial media getting promoted on the territory of Western and Eastern Europe and the CIS. The festival has a reputation of some kind of a springboard to success for talented advertisers that already highlighted a number of well-known names, agencies and projects in the world of communications.

And last but not the least, ads devoted to COVID-19 pandemic are invited to participate in Change for Good contest free of charge.