White Square | Белый Квадрат




What is the sense of participation in ad festivals and the importance of creation of festival works? Today we turned with this question to Yury Gladky, Co-founder & CEO at GRAPE, Ukraine: “I run creative business since 2009. During this time, not only festivals changed, but also their value, educational and image role in the life of the agency, rankings served the way to enter purchasing and partner selection departments. 10 years later, in an open global world, festival work is an important strategy for the development of the team, a promotional tool, a way to track and match the quality of creative projects with industry trends. Agencies’ wins at international festivals are part of the content strategy, they help to generate information messages, be interesting on the air, attract talents and finally form the value in the costs of agency services.

I see the development of White Square. Every year the festival confirms not only regional significance of creative competition, but also turns into international creative hub for meeting creative people from all over Eastern Europe. I wish the entire team of the festival to develop a strategy of regional creative leadership, and the participants to submit their works, send teams to study, view the best creative projects of the region and be part of the most fascinating business industry”.