White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue to share with you the thoughts and arguments of our jury members about why advertising industry needs festivals and why agencies should participate in them. Today we asked this question to Vyacheslav Evseev, Associate Creative Director at REDKEDS, Russia, who will take part in Digital jury this year. Here is his answer: “Advertising festivals are what we lack in our daily work. This is the exchange of experience with colleagues from other agencies. And the opportunity to feel ourselves colleagues who do the same thing, and not competitors. This is the recognition of what we do in the form of awards. This is motivation to do something cool inspired by the most interesting cases from other agencies. Why I like exactly White Square is for the opportunity to see and discuss cases from the CIS and Eastern Europe – no less bright and interesting than international, but often more distinctive, such that I can try on the reality I live in”.