White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue the series of blitz interviews with jury members and speakers of upcoming festival that will open in Minsk already on April 15. About the main factor of effectiveness and the role of creativeness in communications industry today we talked to Vidya Manmohan, Executive Creative Director from Grey Dubai, holder of numerous prestigious international awards for successful projects in the field of print, outdoor, radio, design, integrated campaigns and Change for Good, or, how she calls herself, part-time mom to many, other than her own, who are looking for the most effective tips and tricks – from how to be your 18-year old’s best friend to tried and tested life hacks.

What will become the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020?

I’d call it the ‘how responsible are you’ factor. Right from creating a brand, setting a purpose for it to deciding how it’s implemented and communicated, this would be a decade that will witness the emergence of responsible brands and advertising, like never before.

How important creativity is for successful brand communications and business results?

It has been proven time and again through successful brand campaigns that putting creativity at the heart of everything we do is the only way we can get exponential sales growth, often beyond what’s forecasted.

You are giving a master-class in educational program of the festival. What do you plan to tell the participants about?

My master class will be about the Climate Change within Advertising. While the world is trying to cope with the havoc created by natural calamities and man-made follies, we’ll take stock and talk about the climate change that has taken over our world of advertising and see where we are headed.

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020?

There’s never been a better time than NOW, to make and feel the change we’ve always wanted to. It’s our TIME TO WIN!