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We continue to share the point of view of successful advertisers from different countries about the role of creativity and creative ideas for business efficiency. Today we addressed this question to Creative jury member of White Square 2020 Tristan Daltroff, Associate Creative Director at Buzzman Paris, French holder of over 60 international awards, 11 Cannes Lions inclusive, whose NosulusRift campaign was recognized by 2 Lions at Cannes and Yellow Pencil at D&AD in 2019.

Short self-introduction. 

Hello, I’m Tristan, a French guy working in advertising. I’m 38 years old including almost 15 years of ad already!!! Currently I’m working at Buzzman in Paris, part of Havas Worldwide Network.

What will become the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020?


How important creativity is for successful brand communications and business results? 

Business and success are synonyms with creativity. I mean, there is no business without it. There is no brand without it. Brand exists because of creativity. A brand is an idea before becoming a brand. An ad is an idea before becoming an ad. And when it comes to brand communication, same answer. It’s important. The real question would be “How much creativity it takes to succeed?” Maybe a lot.

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020? 

To have a great time.