White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue a series of publications of famous advertisers’ opinions about what creative and communication festivals mean for advertising professionals. 

Today we will share Maxim Kolyshev’s, Chief Creative Officer at e: mg, Russia, point of view: “For creatives even the desire to participate at advertising festivals is fundamental. We just need some kind of a bar – in our case it’s the work of festival level. Participation at festivals demonstrates the safety of professional skills, and creative campaign / print / video demonstrates efficiency, compliance with brand objectives and relevance of the target audience. For advertising industry which is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to reach consumers' hearts, award shows are an extremely important phenomenon. Festivals create environment, set trends, give the market an understanding of new tools, keep it up to date with the changes, identify communication trends and new media. In addition, they are a motivator for the development of agencies and creativity (especially when they do not win prizes). We must all learn from mistakes and failures and share the recipes for victories and accumulated experience”. 

Fortunately, it is more than realistic yet to take part at White Square 2019 – there are five more days to submit the entries! Download your cases and remember – Your Moment is now!