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On rapidly transforming markets the search of most relevant keys to marketing effectiveness is getting more and more important. According to international industry experts, creativeness was and stays the first thing that brands need to add to their communications to achieve better business results. Today we discussed this topic with White Square 2020 Marketing jury member – Kenn van Lijsebeth, Creative / PR at TBWA \ Brussels from Belgium.


I’m a former Belgian journalist who joined DDB Brussels in 2015. I started my career at the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws and became PR creative under the wings of Peter Ampe at DDB. The following years I helped the agency win two golden Cannes Lions in PR and several other awards. In 2019, I joined TBWA Brussels as Creative / PR.

What will become the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020?

Boldness. Brands who dare to stand out with a clear vision are much more likely to become a love brand. We’re struck with thousands of pushy messages day by day. The only way to get people’s attention is by showing them meaningful stories, with either funny or emotional strong content. 

How important creative is for successful brand communications and business results?

It’s the only way. Our business has changed the last few years. More campaigns are targeted, more ideas are tested. But along the way, we lost our gut feeling. The way we used to work: make stuff we love. We should never forget to create work that touches people’s heart. Not only their brain. And to do so, we have to be more creative than ever.

You are giving a lecture / presentation in educational program of the festival. What do you plan to tell the participants about?

I will show good work. Examples of creative cases that show us how to convince journalists to feature their campaign.

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020?

Every piece of work you subscribed is already a winner. Because I hope you enjoyed working on it.