White Square | Белый Квадрат




In case if you’re still hesitating whether to participate in White Square this year, we are here to share some arguments in this favor given by István Bracsok, Executive Creative Director & Founder at White Rabbit Budapest: “In a nutshell: If there were no Olympic Games, would anyone run 100 meters in under ten seconds? Being a bit longer: Creative work is the agencies’ core task needs to be considered. That’s why creativity, is one of the most important decision criteria when agencies are selected. Clients look for someone who can deliver innovative ideas, impulses, and ground-breaking thoughts that they themselves could not have come up with. As a result, prestigious creative awards (just like White Square) serve to demonstrate the industry’s core task. One can thus say that creative awards turn agencies into successful agencies. And that makes them attractive for new creative employees, who, in turn, ensure and increase the quality of the agency. Some people will be strictly opposed, i know. But hey, i’m a CCO. And what would happen with the industry if creative leaders wouldn’t believe in the power of creativity anymore?”