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What will be the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020 and how important creativity is for successful brand communications and business results? These questiones we addressed to recognized experts of the industry from different countries and today we are happy to share the point of view of Edson Athayde, CEO and CCO of FCB Lisboa from Portugal, holder of over nine hundreed awards, including eight Lions from Cannes who will judge Marketing and Creative Effectiveness contest categories at White Square 2020.  


More than an advertising man, I consider myself a storyteller. I am a copywriter who ended up performing other professional functions, but I never had a single day of work in the last 40 years when I did not write something with any creative content. I have already published twelve books, had plays staged, wrote for cinema, television and even wrote and produced music (although I do not sing or play any instruments). Thus, my life revolves around stories.

What will become the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020?

It is increasingly important to think outside the box. The best communication projects today are those that are created without thinking in advance which platform will be displayed. Communication today is a bit like jazz: it takes a lot of technique and talent to get an excellent performance, but a lot of improvisation is also welcome.

How important creative is for successful brand communications and business results?

Without creativity, advertising is little more than noise. Creativity is the additive that makes a brand's engine go faster, go further and with less money.

What you are going to share with the participants of the festival during educational program?

I have been studying storytelling techniques for years. My idea is to show a seminar I produced on the topic and then talk to the audience about what they watched.

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020?

I wish you to take the opportunity to discover the new and rethink the old.