White Square | Белый Квадрат




About the sense of participation in advertising festivals we talked to Boris Alexandrov, CEO / Creative Director at Brandon Archibald, Ukraine who will judge Branding contest at White Square this year: “In Ukraine the entire advertising and design market is concentrated in the capital. We made a fateful decision not to leave our native Odessa and decided that we must gain the attention and trust of our clients and make them want to work with us, no matter where we are located. Therefore, for us, participation in the contests is a way to express ourselves and prove the idea that you can do your favorite business without becoming attached to Kiev or even Ukraine. Over the recent 3 years we have worked with clients from 20 countries and hope this list will continue growing. As for the sense of participation at festivals for the industry, it is always a good opportunity for development. In the language of management, the festival is kind of a KPI – measurable indicator of agency's success, as well as an effective way to interact with colleagues”.