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What is the key to effectiveness of brands in the new era and what is the role of creative solutions for achievement of proper results? We figured it out from White Square 2020 Digital jury member Beka Adamashvili, Creative Director of one of the leading creative agencies of Georgia Leavingstone, holder of a number of prestigious international festival awards for creative communications.

Short self-introduction.  
My name is Beka Adamashvili, as it was already written on the square, that you clicked to read this blitz interview. I’m a creative director at creative agency Leavingstone (Georgia), and an author of two 'satiric-parody-detective-fantasy-humorous-quest-and-what-we-have-missed' genre novels titled “Bestseller” and “Everyone dies in this novel”.

What will become the main factor of effectiveness of projects in 2020?

Making predictions is not my strong suit, but I bet that if we create real things and during this process do not forget about honesty, the result will be efficient and effective.

How important creativity is for successful brand communications and business results?

In a world of choices where almost everyone tries to grab your attention, creativity is one of the essential things to be outstanding and remarkable. But it is important to understand that sometimes creativity isn’t enough for proper results. You should be creative, but creative in a right way. E.g. Flying books may seem to be creative, but you don’t really need them, unless birds learn reading and start paying for it.

You are giving a master-class in educational program of the festival. What do you plan to tell the participants about?

I titled my speech as “To be honest, you can’t change the world” and I’m going talk about “inspirational” quotes or ideas, that change nothing in our lives, because they are too fake, too outdated or too pathetic. Instead, I will suggest HONESTY as a problem-solving method in marketing. 

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020?

To get attention and not - coronavirus.