White Square | Белый Квадрат




We continue to publish a series of blitz-interviews with the experts in the field of marketing and communications. Reminding that all the participants were asked to answer a single but important for our industry question: what is the meaning and benefit of their participation in advertising festivals in general, and in “White Square” in particular, what is this benefit for them personally, for their companies, for the communications industry. We are glad to share an expert point of view of Ekaterina Selyavina, founder and President of communications group MOVIE, Russia: “Festivals give the opportunity to raise your head over the routine, come up to the surface and breathe the oxygen of fresh ideas. It’s spinning the head and helps to remember why we all have chosen this profession. Belarusian festival is a great chance to see European view on advertising and meet the best creatives from the neighboring countries. White Square is at the same time cosiness and drive, expertise and cool parties”.