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Business & Marketing Multimedia Journalist, Marketer.ge, Georgia

Tamar runs Business & Marketing/Advertising categories at the Georgian digital platform Marketer.ge. She is an experienced content creator, author and multimedia journalist. She has broadcasted Young Lions Georgia contest for years, publishing best works, interviewing the winners and the international jury. She has been an old-timer reporter at the local Association of communication agencies of Georgia (ACAG) and international advertising festivals (Cannes Lions, Ad Black Sea, etc), interviewing winners and jury presenting the most recognized works. She is an experienced storyteller, highlighting a big network of local and global advertising industry professionals, creators, influencers, brand ambassadors.

Tamar has worked on the UN Women project, traveling and storytelling about the strong women living in the regions of Georgia, running their own business.

Tamar actively broadcasts the startup and business industry. She is collecting and presenting the most recognized local and global marketing campaigns of the month. Tamar has broadcasted local and global creative industry, best works, case studies, campaigns, media coverage, prints, typography, illustration.