White Square | Белый Квадрат




As you know, at the start of festival season 2019 we asked ourselves and then the brightest representatives of our industry one essential question: what’s the meaning of participation in advertising festivals! Anna Lukanina, Managing Partner of international branding agency Depot who will head this year Branding jury session at White Square, shared her opinion: “The meaning is obvious! Why do athletes participate in competitions? They could train quietly without showing their success and talent to anyone. But no! They travel around the world and compete. Same for us, participation in creative, advertising, branding festivals and competitions is like sports of high achievements. Depot, and so do I personally, has the motto “move forward-move forward!”. Every time we apply, we challenge ourselves and accept the challenge. And any win or loss makes us stronger and smarter. To continue the analogy with sports, White Square is the Eastern European Championship of creativity. And that’s why we’re here”.