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In the meanwhile, we go on sharing with you the answers of our jury members to essential industrial question – about the sense of ad festivals.

Anatoliy Davidov, Creative Director at Leo Burnett Ukraine, Ukraine, White Square 2019 Creative jury member: “The sense is probably trivially simple – possibility to check your level of creativity and quality of your work in comparison with other participants from neighboring countries. And of course, acquaintance with colleagues, their works and just their outlooks on life”.

Karen Poimu, Art Director at Optimist Creative, Estonia, White Square 2019 Branding jury member: “It is inspirational to see the bigger picture and the meaningfulness of this industry that sometimes gets lost in everyday struggle with little things”.

Felix Fenz, Managing Director / Creative at Grabarz & Partner, Germany, White Square 2019 Marketing jury member: “Never stop learning, see the world through the eyes of other people, meet creative minds, travel, talk and more importantly listen. Do everything that sparks your creativity!”