White Square | Белый Квадрат




Very soon, already on April 15-17 professional community from over 30 countries of the world will gather in Minsk at XII White Square! This year festival slogan is TIME TO WIN! Time is constantly challenging us. Information war in the pursuit of consumer attention in all communication channels is now more intense than ever. What should brands do to be effective? What should marketers do to make their brands communicate creatively? Which trends, lifehacks, technics might work efficiently? What will not work for sure? What should be done to make it work tomorrow? We are not being late. We are not in a hurry. We are right in time. We win. Time to win – our time.      

White Square 2020 will present various business and educational program focused on key trends of global communications industry and saturated with relevant insights for business development. During three days there will be held over 70 lectures and discussion panels filled with effective ideas and creative and innovative lifehacks in the sphere of marketing, branding, media, digital that have proven their efficiency on different markets.

White Square headliners are recognized leaders of communications industry from 25 countries, creators or successful projects aimed on brand promotion and increase of business competitiveness who will go on White Square stage to demonstrate effective strategies and progressive technics for solution of relevant business tasks. 

*Full list of headliners and speakers is in development and will be added. 

Till February 28 inclusive most profitable participation fee is provided. Accreditation pass to all events of the festival is 250 EUR + VAT. Register here. Info: via email info@adfest.by or phones in Minsk +375 17 204 42 27, +375 17 204 41 17, +375 17 204 17 99, +375 17 204 18 99.