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What kind of advertising is effective today and how to interact with modern consumers to attract their attention we learned from Creative Director of ARK Group from Russia, White Square 2020 Marketing jury member Draginya Knezi.

Today, no one is any longer talking just about creative advertising – we do not advertise or sell, but create consumer experience. Communication should be an experience for consumer, and the product itself is also an experience. Therefore, if we talk about the consumer, we no longer just analyze big data, count consumers in percentage and classify them into target audiences. We pay attention to people, to individuals, we are not just looking for their insights, trying to simplify them for our tasks, but really understand people, their complexity, life and needs.

Therefore, effective advertising are those brands’ actions that help a concrete person, become useful to him or her, or, at least, matter.

I wish all of us to be human beings, to realize our full human potential and live in a better world.