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We continue to share the points of view of industry representatives from different countries about the value of creativeness in communications. Today about creative ideas as necessary condition for efficient business we talked to White Square 2020 Marketing jury member Dorottya Toth, Senior Copywriter at DDB Budapest, holder of numerous prestigious festival awards for successful projects for world’s leading brands.

How important creative is for successful brand communications and business results?

I believe that creativity has been, and will always be the key to effective brand communication. Of course, trends come and go. Finding a brand purpose can help create relevance for your brand. But in 2020, when purpose-driven marketing is already the norm, it will take more than a heart-felt, topical manifesto to stand out. Brands have to find new, surprising ways to express their brand fight—they have to get creative. Targeting also often comes to mind. But in an ad space where an average person is bombarded with new information left and right, many of which are targeted ads from other brands, it’s simply not enough to find the right metrics. Brands need to be worth people’s attention—they have to get creative. The list could go on; for every new trend, there is always a caveat: that they are only worth pursuing if we do so creatively.

You are giving a master-class in educational program of the festival. What do you plan to tell the participants about?

As we try to get our head around buzzwords like big data predictions, microtargeting and hyperpersonalization, the future of marketing can easily look like a cold, calculated, rational business. There is only one problem with that: humans, so the people who we advertise to, are irrational to their core—thank goodness. In my presentation I will make the case for emotion as the main profit driver, and inspire you to advertise with logically illogical ideas in order to unlock unreasonable growth for your brand.

What would you wish the participants of White Square 2020?

I wish all participants good luck, a lot of awards, and plenty of inspiration! As you’re all focused on who’s going to win and what the keynote speakers have to say, don’t forget to look around and connect with each other. Every participant of White Square has experience that matters, questions that can shed new light, and ideas that can inspire you. Use this great opportunity to share knowledge, and prepare for a new year of successes!